The West is known for its exclusivity and harsh unfriendliness to outsiders. They may not be the most popular, they say, but they don’t need such trifles. Community has no place in quidditch here, as can be seen on their aggressively insular Facebook page, and at their competition-only style tournaments.

The looks of incredulity you’re collectively giving your computer screens are overwhelming.

The West is family, and every quidditch team in the league is an extended cousin. Our family grows every time a new team forms in the region, every time players from other regions wander onto Westbook, never to escape, and, today, in a new and exciting way. Just like at the end of all the good Power Rangers episodes, the region is happy to announce it is forming the Megazord. The teams of Western Canada are a proud, lonely bunch. Much of the major action in Eastern Canada is far away, and Canada’s regional tournament is seldom an easy commute. Now, these teams can look south to find all the competition and lovin’ they might desire. Meanwhile, down south, Mexican quidditch is just finding their feet. For the time being, these teams may choose their own regional tournament, whichever might be closest/most awesome. As such, the West(ern United States) as a region is no more. It is my honor to announce, for the first time, the West(ern United States, Canada, and also whoever from Mexico wants to come)!

Like a giant, evil-vanquishing robot, this newly expanded Western family will go forward a larger and stronger force for all that is awesome in the quidditch community.

Welcome, Canada, to the West! (And here’s looking at you, Qwertyrians.)


The Western Megazord Announcement. I was giggling and lol’ing, then cheering.


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