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    Reblogging because the tags made me giggle. :3
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    Agreed. Many discussions this weekend about this very fact.
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    that’s because it’s her response, Autumn
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    I have an priority added somewhere in the middle: “promote, spread and grow Quidditch”
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    I love how Sarah reblogged it in the screen capture hahaha!
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    What Quinksy and Shelby said. If you only care ‘bout winning, I feel bad for you son, I got loads of ways of enjoying...
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    Once again, Quinksy’s gif choice is perfect. My priorities in quidditch: No injuries on either team Playing by the...
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    This kind of attitude (in the response to the confession) is not ok. I’m on a team that is very focused on winning, but...
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    More reason to be thankful for the team I’m on.
  17. lonely-monster-needs-a-companion said: the number one rule in quidditch for my team is to have fun! Win or lose I make sure my team enjoys themselves! If all you care about is winning you’re making everyone else miserable.
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